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2011 Round Up: Our 10 Picks for Readmissions, Care Coordination Resources

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Hospitals have until October 2012 before the penalties for high readmissions take effect but the clock has already started ticking. CMS began monitoring readmission rates earlier this year and hospitals are preparing for the rollout.

It’s an opportune time to review some of this year’s best discussions on reducing readmissions and care coordination. Below is a list of resources we’ve found that will help your understanding of today’s conversations:

1.  Atul Gwande for The New Yorker on one example of how medical costs, such as unnecessary re-hospitalizations, can be lowered by zeroing in on health care “hot spots” and focusing on coordinating care at the community level.

2.  Becker’s Hospital Review – Ten proven strategies for reducing readmissions

3.  Kaiser Health News – Stats from the national VA health system illustrate that even with focused reduction efforts combating patient ‘rebound’ is going to be difficult

4.  American Medical News – How three hospitals reduced their readmission rates: Successful interventions from Atlanta, San Francisco, and Kirkland, Wash. hospitals

5.  Fierce Healthcare reports on recently released NEJM study that highlights a lesser known factor in predicting high readmissions – high hospitalizations

6.  The Health Care Blog – Lack of coordinated care is at the crux of preventable readmissions and controlling health costs

7.  Disease Management Care Blog – Without reliable scientific models for predicting readmissions will hospitals be unfairly penalized?

8.  Commonwealth Fund – Report on lessons learned from four top-performing U.S. hospitals with exceptionally low readmission rates and the key factors that contributed to their success

9.  Kaiser Health News – Conflicting incentives for hospitals to reduce readmissions

10.  Urban Institute report on the savings opportunities in improved care coordination for chronic and long-term care


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